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Mouth Guards & Night Guards

A lot of us are familiar with the concept of mouth guards. We may have seen them on TV during football games or maybe your child’s sports coach has requested all the kids have one. You may even be familiar with night guards. People who experience grinding or clenching of their teeth at night typically use night guards. But have you ever thought of there being a difference between the two? While they sound similar, using one for anything other then its purpose may give you a false sense of security.

Mouth Guard or Sports Guards

A mouth guard is designed for athletes to wear during activity. The guard not only protects the surface of your teeth but also rides up high to protect the sides of your teeth and gum lines. This full protection is designed to make sure your entire mouth is protected from being hit.

This sort of mouth guard is usually made of a thick rubbery material. This flexible material can easily form to the shape of your mouth but is strong enough to protect your teeth when taking a hit. Its material is very specific because this way the material will be able to absorb some of the impacts when facing impact.

Night Guard

A night guard only protects the surface of your teeth. It does not ride up the sides of your mouth, nor does it protect your gums. This is because when you are grinding your teeth at night, your gums are really not in any trouble of harm. If you did have protection over your gums it may be irritating while you sleep.

The night guard material is fairly hard and sturdy, much more so then a mouth guard. This is because it needs to protect your top teeth from your bottom teeth when the wearer is grinding or clenching their teeth at night.

If you find your self in need of oral protection during athletic activities or you realize you have been grinding and clenching your teeth at night, you should be considering one of these options. Edmonton dentists highly suggest you have the specific mouth guard for the specific use. Otherwise, you do run the risk of using a guard that will be pointless. View more at:

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